Meet Our Team

Vin Gupta
Founder / CEO
Vin Gupta is our founder and CEO. He has started a multitude of companies. Vin recognized the importance of information and database management very early on. Vin helps small businesses build their marketing efforts, and offers quality information and databases to help entrepreneurs like himself grow their sales. For more information about Vin’s present activities, visit
Vin Gupta
Bob Smith
Co-founder / CTO
Bob Smith is our Co-founder and President. Bob is responsible for all of the day-to-day product operations, as well as leading the company’s strategy. Prior to joining the team, Bob worked on government research for the department of defense, on projects ranging from ballistic missile detection to weather effects on satellites to intelligent target recognition.
Michael Scott
VP of Advertising
Michael Scott graduated from the University of Nebraska with degree in Advertising/Marketing. He is a highly motivated and results-driven senior-level professional with 25 years experience in traditional and interactive marketing. His specialties include: Marketing Communication, Creative Direction, Direct Marketing, Database Marketing, Events & Tradeshows, Brand Development & Positioning, Print Production, Media Buying/Placement and Vendor Negotiations. He’s married, has two sons, and loves to golf and landscape.
Kevin Shallenberger
Senior Software Engineer
Kevin Shallenberger is a veteran software engineer responsible for new feature development, team collaboration and daily product operation. Before joining, Kevin created products for the Department of Defense for over 10 years focusing on battle space awareness, target recognition and tracking, camera integration and UAV search patterns. Kevin stays on top of technology and continues to build products in and out of work.
LuAnn Radford
Customer Success
LuAnn Radford has over 25 years of experience in product development, customer support, and issue management. She has an Associate of Applied Science Degree. She enjoys talking with customers and is committed to providing a great customer experience. She enjoys new technology, outdoor activities, and spending time with her family.
Brandon Paeper
Small/Medium Business
Brandon Paeper has been with since May of 2016. He is committed to consistently providing excellent service sharing his expertise in the product. Brandon is best known for his leading role in the movie, "Rudy"... Just kidding he just looks very much like Sean Astin. Brandon spends a majority of his free time riding his bike down the Papio Trail located here in Omaha, NE. He strives hard to reach his fitness goals where he believes in a healthy mind, body and spirit.
Josh Adams
Account Executive
Ally Brown
Associate Software Engineer
Ally Brown is a graduate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha with a B.S. in Bioinformatics. With four years in customer service, she is committed to providing customers excellent service in answering any questions they might have. She also has experience in web development and database creation and maintenance with SQL. Ally enjoys spending her free time hiking with her dog, fishing with friends and recording microscopic life.